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Headquartered in Belgium, IMPEXTRACO is owned by Marc and Yves Vanden Avenne. Marc and Yves represent the fourth generation of an industrial family that can rely on a longstanding involvement in agribusiness.

Over the last 30 years, IMPEXTRACO has built up an unrivalled track record in the manufacturing and distribution of feed ingredients as part of effective customer oriented solutions.

Innovative thinking, customized solutions, quality raw materials, highly automated production methods, end to end customer support, competitive pricing and a dedicated workforce all contribute to a privileged relationship with our clients worldwide.

IMPEXTRACO believes that it is our responsibility to select and develop solutions that respond to todays key feed issues. We strive for recognition as the experts in optimizing ingredients.
IMPEXTRACO focusses on animal protection and feed performance, underscored by extensive R&D and distinctive branding, has resulted in our two Pillars of Excellence: the Power-Protexion® range and the Xtra-Performance ® range.

In a crowded market, our Pillars of Excellence philosophy stands as a benchmark. Set against a proliferation of products, IMPEXTRACO brand values are synonymous with simplicity, transparency, efficiency and reliability.

Synergies between IMPEXTRACO Pillars of Excellence lead to quicker exchanges of information, early detection of new developments and faster times to market.

IMPEXTRACO has an established manufacturing know how and an effective distribution network. But it is our belief that being selective in certain ingredient areas only, it allows IMPEXTRACO to deliver superior cost-effectiveness, order flexibility and prompt delivery.

In fact, IMPEXTRACO close watch on the markets twists and turns means we are squarely focused on bringing you protection and performance from solutions where service and communication are just as important as ingredients.


Activités principales:

We Develop & Produce Feed Ingredients that protect animal health and enhance productivity.


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A propos de nous:

Our goal is to deliver cost efficient solutions that protect animals and optimize their performance while respecting animal welfare & sustainability.

Our product pillars; POWER-PROTEXION® and XTRA-PERFORMANCE® ensure you get in more than 90 countries feed ingredients that enable you to meet today's demands for healthy and safer food products. We strongly emphasize on R&D & quality control.

Mission et vision:


“It is our belief that meeting the nutritional needs of generations to come will require a thoughtful and innovative approach.”

We optimize feed ingredients in order to avoid a rapid depletion of our natural resources, to meet the rising demand for animal proteins. Our focus is on reliable, innovative and moneysaving solutions, with passion for people and attention to profit.


“Our mission is to develop and produce micro ingredients for the feed industry helping our customers to raise their animals in a cost-effective and sustainable way while respecting animal health.”

We thereby contribute to a limited use of natural resources and their optimization, leading to more productivity and added value. Our approach is based on experience, operational excellence, customer intimacy, compliance and family values such as respect and lifelong devotion to agribusiness.
Impextraco Belgium