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VDS produces vitamin and mineral premixes, additives and animal feed specialties at its own premises in Deerlijk, Belgium. Problem solving and result optimisation are two key components of our approach.
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Service to the feed industry
Feed producers are in need of premixes and additives which are tailor made to their requirements. But that is often only the start in the process of achieving consistent and better results. We help and analyse the market situation, define the problem areas and offer the possible solutions, up to sending management and production assistance if needed.

Service to the farmers
We produce according to your needs.
Our products can be adapted to your specific raw materials and prices.
Together we will analyse your needs and help you get the results you are targeting.

VDS is producing poultry feed and concentrates at several sites in Western Africa.
We also produce aquaculture feed under the brand VDS Crustocean Feed, a high quality aquaculture feed, following our strict standards and production protocol, in several feed factories in Iran, Madagascar and Seychelles. The feed is destined both for the local market and for export markets in the region.

VDS was founded in 1968 as a feed mill company, and has since grown into a full service provider for the animal feed industry.

Emphasis is on the production of vitamin and mineral premixes and concentrates, used in the production of animal feed. VDS has its own production facilities in Deerlijk, Belgium where it can produce both bagged and bulk products.

Originally VDS was active on the domestic market. This included poultry, cattle and pig feed production, our end customers being feed factories as well as feed producing farmers. This is still an important market today, for which many different products and services have been developed since.

Early on, VDS recognized the importance of the international market for its products and services.

Over the years, VDS has become specialised in tropical animal feed production as well as in aquaculture feed production. VDS works together with several technical partners to produce feed at their premises, both for their own need and for export markets. Apart from the delivery of adapted premixes or concentrates, VDS will guarantee quality formulations for the local situation and demands.


VDS Belgium
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