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NUKAMEL is a Belgian-Dutch company with 60 years of experience in the development of nutritional solutions for young and suckling animals based on dairy ingredients.

Aantal landen waar bedrijf actief is

België en Nederland

Over ons

n our home base, Belgium and the Netherlands, milk and milk derivatives have always been abundantly available and therefore a whole industry has been developed. What once were byproducts of the dairy industry, like liquid whey, are today highly valuable nutritional ingredients.

We started with the production of milk replacers for white veal. Today Nukamel has solutions for many feeding systems and high performing production animals, including rearing calves, piglets, lambs... even turkeys and broilers.

Missie / Visie

The development of nutritional and commercial solutions in the animal feed industry, based on research both in vivo and in vitro.

Long-term relationships with strategic partners and companies worldwide which facilitate the development and growth of all parties involved.

The ensuring of product satisfaction among our customers and the development of expertise in the areas where we are active. This has to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Founded in 1954, Nukamel is the world’s first milk replacer producer, active in over 40 countries.
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