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SESVanderHave is the global market leader in the sugar beet seed industry.



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SESVanderHave is the global market leader in the sugar beet seed industry. Each year, SESVanderHave processes and sells one and a half million units of sugar beet seed. Each unit containing one hundred thousand seeds, in the recognised blue colour of SESVanderHave (except for the USA, where the SESVanderHave seeds are pink). These seeds are sold and sown in over fifty countries worldwide.

To achieve this, SESVanderHave has a network of businesses and local agents all over the world. Three high-tech, state-of-the-art factories in Tienen (Belgium), Kiev (the Ukraine), and Alexeyevka (Russia) process the majority of the seeds.

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SESVanderHave is a unique sugar beet seed company. Through responsive research, teamwork and partnerships, we offer reliable seed solutions for the sugar beet industry and growers, in every potential sugar beet area of the world.
Committed to making sugar beet growing and sugar production a healthy business.


The 2005 merger of the Belgian seed company SES Europe and the Dutch company VanderHave led to the creation of SESVanderHave, one of the leading international sugar beet seed companies. The history of these two companies goes further back.

VanderHave, founded in 1879, originated in the Dutch province of Zeeland. In 1941, VanderHave commenced breeding of sugar beet seed. In 1977, VanderHave was taken over by Cosun (Sugar Union).

The foundations of SES Europe were laid in 1948, after World War II, with the foundation of the S.B.G.B. (Belgian Company for Sugar Beet Seeds). In the years after its foundation, the S.B.G.B. grew, gaining the trust of the European farmers and expanded beyond the Belgian borders. In 1972, the S.B.G.B. merged with an Italian seed house and was renamed SES. In 1987, SES was taken over by the British multinational ICI, which decided to station all its seed activities in Zeneca, a separate international company. The name SES Europe existed until 1996, when Zeneca and Cosun merged into Advanta, the world’s fifth largest seed company.

The latest chapter in the history of the business started in 2005, when Advanta sold their sugar beet activities to the French Florimond Desprez group.

SESVanderHave started as and has now returned to being a company 100% focused on sugar beet seed.
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