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Tradecorp International

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Tradecorp are experts in biostimulants, bionutrition, micronutrients and speciality fertilisers. Founded in 1985 in Spain, Tradecorp has gained broad experience in crop nutrition, which we offer our clients to improve their crops and their business.



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Tradecorp is a Spanish company founded in 1985. Since then, it has carried out its activities in the agricultural sector. As a result of our broad trajectory, we have in-depth experience in the field of crop nutrition, particularly in the segments of micronutrients, specialty fertilizers and biostimulants.

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Our vision is to be a high-quality, professional reference in the biostimulant, micronutrient, speciality fertilizer and adjuvant global market, achieving excellence in service and increasing added value for our customers.

Our mission is to feed the planet, through healthy and safe solutions, enabling a balanced and sustainable agriculture. We believe that our mission of feeding the world through a sustainable and healthy agriculture is helping a world facing an exponential growth of nutrition challenges, due to overpopulation, climate changes and declining of planet resources. As a Group, we aim to shape the way farmers can do more with less, and consumers have daily better products.
Tradecorp International
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